A 19th C. Bookplate for Wordless Wednesday, a Day Late.

A Book Plate that is in the Public Domain

BookPlates by  Author: Brangwyh, Frank, 1867-; Phillpotts, Eden, 1862-1960

This book-plate is from a book  of collected book-plates by Frank Brangwyh, , 1867-? and Eden Phillpotts, 1862-1960.  The plate was for the library of Mario Borsa.
The only alteration I have made to the image was to crop it and extend the black border to create a uniform straight-edged image.  It is from Page 10 of Brangwyh’s book, which can be found at http://archive.org/stream/bookplates00branrich#page/n45/mode/1up.
Archive.org and University of California Libraries which digitized and uploaded this image feel that there is no copyright in effect for this work due to the lack of a publication date, and that it would be out of copyright had it been included.

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