Wooing the Blogging Mama Demographic — my notes on Hybrid Media session

I am so amazed by the energy put into commercial support of this conference. That is both good and bad. Corporatization (is that a word?)– changes the game.

redbook, essence, bravo
Lisa Stone (moderator), Stacy Morrison, Lesley Inckney and Lisa Hsia

Bravo — old media &. new media

revenues from this

also learning how to monetize and grow the audience

project runway (Hsia)

1-2 % respond in most interactive polls
98% respond to bravo and project runway

Redbook — diary of V. Diary of E. biggest draw. 2nd referer after giveaways. authentic — comments have to
2nd largest web mag. property.
but if you like redbook please buy one once in a while.

Time Warner/ Essence not as restrictive as they once work. have loosened up.

media is inherently is grassroots now

malest oldest rooms she’s ever been in.

fox & nbc
huloo (spelling?)
trying all the new ad models

kaboodle — hearst

i only want to make the best mistakes

try telling these old male folks that they will
never be dominant
never be perfect

constant effort to tell personal stories

sex life roadtest
take it to tv

shoot em up kill em
romantic comedies
oscar winners

recruiting bloggers
creating an ad network

ivillage = nbc = fox

corp. won’t do quick……

time warner wants to own twitter not use it

smaller network and just do it

it’s not don’t do it
it is you have to wait

redbook reaches across the country evenly
except washington and oregon
not just shoes and cosmopolitan
thinks that redbook is a family magazine

change the font – lose the audience
she is a professional empath.

she represents an openness to every idea
but she has to censor 25 % of her self


use versus be the media

would be nice to have mega corps change from support incubation …..rather than just buy/own……

big furry beard
mike dunn
if you see him at a meeting it is going to be big


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