Virtual Movement Marches Forward

Turns out there is a virtual movement afoot.

Solidarity isn’t just a buzzword for extreme leftiies. (You know, those folks who are even to the left of me…)

Second Life, a virtual world accessible through downloadable software similar to online multi-player games, is creating a bit of a stir in the trendy world of online life. The Peace & Justice Movement is one of the first communities to use this new world to connect, network, and advance their goals.

The recent March on Washington provided opportunity for the SL Net Roots
community (including CODEPINK SL) to stage a companion virtual march on the Capitol while at least a half a million people physically surrounded the U.S. Capitol with an unplanned route change that took the march around all four sides of the Capitol and not just the three sides that were originally permitted.

Here are just a few of the sites that covered the virtual march.

Avatars hold peace march

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