The Worlds Inside My Head and The Worlds Outside My Door

I've been neglecting my virtual world in favor of the physical world. This is atypical for me. The world inside my head, my thoughts, ideas, and my written expression of them have always been real to me. I can keep myself entertained for days on ends with my own thoughts. I tell people I could live in a cave if it had wifi. Actually my pencils and paper would see me through an awfully long time too.

Expeditions out into the physical world have been more frequent that typical for me even though I am limping around from an almost two week old ankle sprain. I attended two Meet Ups, Women Entrepreneurs Who Mean Business, and the Tucson eBusiness Owners, and I held the Meet Up which I coordinate, Tucson Women Bloggers, and made my weekly trek to my therapist on the other side of town, and headed just west of downtown, across I10 to the Microbusiness Advancement Center of Southern Arizona, one of 112 Women's Business Centers across the country, and the only one in Arizona, to an orientation session and an assessment session. I also almost made my target date for launching beta version 0.3.1 of

I am an ENTJ in Myers-Briggs speak. But the E is just over the Introversion/Extroversion line. Extroverts get energy from being around people and Introverts use energy being around people. I think there are long cycle and short cycle considerations. I'm an E for short cycles and an I for long cycles. I think heavy person to person interaction for many days in a row taps into my long-term personal energy reserves.

I've worked in tech positions with people who could be termed as healers. I know they have learned how to protect their personal energy reserves. Sometimes they would emerge from a session with someone often called a psychic vampire and look exhausted. This is all a bit woo woo for me, but there are individuals who are simply “draining” or “exhausting” just to be around.

I think I will begin doing some sort of ritual, perhaps something like this, to allow me to consciously remind myself of, and recognize, my energy levels. I will work this in to the Deepak Choprah and Oprah Winfrey's 21 Day Meditation Challenge.

I also need to read more fiction. I'm staring with Cory Doctorow's Homeland.

This all should help me focus on creating energy by working out at the gym too.

What do you think of all this? Are some people givers and others takers?


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