The True Enemy of the Little Gal and True Small Locally-based Business

If you don’t know who the Koch Brothers are, that is understandable. Most folks don’t even know who lives next door to them these days, let alone who is financing the nationally coordinated assault on their local political candidates who truly just want to support their communities through public service. Basically the Koch Brothers dreamed up the Tea Party and funded it to feed the frustrations and misinformation of regular Jane and Joe Six-packs so they would buy into voting against their own interests in this and the next elections.

Unfortunately they learned from the likes of the left leaning folks who protested at the 2004 Presidential debates like me, PDA folks, some youthful rabble rouser artist types and CODEPINK. We had a cardboard cake puppet (let them eat cake) and chanted outside a hotel where McCain and Napolitano were meeting up, “We’re Joe Six Pack and we’ve come to take our country back. This is the same message the Tea Partiers think they came up with, but the difference is their grassroots aka astroturf movement is being funded by The Koch Brothers of Koch Industries.

You need to know who the Koch brothers are. They are eating cake and taunting us. We do not want blood n the streets or a revolution. And that is what happened in France after the aristocrats pushed the little guy over the line.

At least I sure don’t want to see civil war in our country and that is what is going to happen if we let the Koch brothers continue to manipulate, with the help of their brother in kind Rupert Murdoch, manipulate the media and the political system. When the little guy finally figures out what Big Business (remember that term?) and Big Media has done to them there will be rioting in the streets. When the streets explode for whatever reason, religious intolerance and racial hatred will come out in force too. We don’t take to the streets as quickly as say our European brothers and sisters, but when we do – it is real serious, real fast. We can’t blame ourselves for this — we work more hours than any other group of people in the Developed World and just don’t have time to research behind the news. Most of Koch Industries is involved in non-consumer level production and manufacturing: petroleum and chemical industries, and the paper and cattle industries.

But we women are smarter than that. We have to take both long and short term views simultaneously or we would have died out as a species millennia ago. We can send signals and we can subvert the dominant paradigm so to speak as we and our collective feminine actions are THE dominant paradigm, no matter what.

First step… boycott Georgia Pacific, the main consumer brand of the Koch Brothers.

Georgia-Pacific’s familiar consumer brands in North America include

Quilted Northern®,
Angel Soft®,
Sparkle® ,
Soft ‘n Gentle®,
Mardi Gras®,
Vanity Fair®,
and the Dixie® brand of tabletop products.

The company’s leading European brands include
and the Demak’Up® brand of facial cleansing products.

Koch Industries also manufacture LYCRA® fiber and COOLMAX® fabric.
Consumer brands include STAINMASTER ®carpet, ANTRON® carpet fiber, CORDURA® fabric, and COMFOREL® fiberfill.

Don’t buy this crap!

Don’t eat beef. Or only buy local organic beef so you know you aren’t buying from Matador. “The Matador Cattle Company is one of the ten largest cow/calf operations in the U.S.” and yep it is Koch-owned.

The second thing I would do is to ask Managers anywhere and everywhere that you come across showing Fox News in a public area to please turn it to a station that doesn’t support hate speech and incite violence You can see that advertisers have left Glenn beck for the most part but Fox still has major advertisers. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Fox News (aka News Corpse and Faux News) is another story. Basically foreign nationals used to be banned, before the 1980s, from owning controlling interests of our print and broadcast media. Rupert Murdoch got kicked out of Australian media for being too conservative and trying to subvert their media. So we change the laws to allow him to own our media and now a Saudi Arabian princes is the second largest shareholder.

This has to stop. Women have to take back the remote and boycott the Koch Bros.–for starters.

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