Sexual Assault Awareness Month…

The SAAM Day of Action, observed this year on Thursday, April 3, 2008, is recognized nationally as a specific day to focus awarness on sexual violence prevention, and to do my part, I’m highlighting the intolerable acceptance of rape by U.S. mercenaries and the military and governmental institutions that shield them. KBR, yet again, appears to be sheltering violent rapists.

Women in the military and women in companies with a presence in Iraq — do not volunteer to go to Iraq, do not allow yourself to be sent there.

The old CODEPINK chant, “Haliburton, Kellog, Brown and Root. Go to Iraq to loot, loot loot.” needs to be updated to “Haliburton, Kellog, Brown and Root. Go to to Iraq to rape and loot.” If they do this to their sister medics just imagine the brutality of attacks on Iraqi women and girls.

Write your Representatives. Include a link to the article. Tell them to get the hell out of Iraq now. Ask them to immediately have mercenaries withdrawn, followed by all National Guard, then those that have been Stop Lossed, then Reserves, then Regular Military. And while you are at it tell ’em to get Impeachment Proceedings started now (Pelosi’s smoke-filled room agreements are not legal nor binding) or Bush will pardon everyone in his administration before leaving office and justice will be much more difficult to mete out to them. There are two ways to do this. Go to Wexler’s site to support hearings. Or go to Kucinich’s site and support HR 333 — as we really don’t need any more hearings, just House Impeachment so the Senate can then have Hearings.

Mercenaries need to be held accountable for their violent sexual assaults and the Bush administration that created this war and bears ultimate responsibility for all this death and violence must also be held accountable.

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