I started another post for my “O” entry for the A to Z April blog challenge. During the time between two medical appointments today I updated the operating system on my desktop computer.  I had begun blogging on my iPad but by this evening when I had planned to finish the blog, I shifted from a fun topic to a deadly seriously topic. I am OUTRAGED by two different things that I found out about today.
The first situation actually happened over the weekend. Ted Nugent said,

If you want more of those kinds of evil anti-American people in the Supreme Court, then don’t get involved and let Obama take office again. Because I’ll tell you this right now: if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year….

But if you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration I don’t know what you’re made of. If you can’t galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for Mitt Romney we’re done. We’ll be a suburb of Indonesia next year….

Our president, and attorney general, our vice president, Hillary Clinton, they’re criminals, they’re criminals. And if you take that adamant ‘we the people’ defiance, remember we’re Americans because we defied the king. We didn’t negotiate and compromise with the king, we defied the emperors. We are patriots, we are bravehearts. We need to ride into that battlefield, and chop their heads off in November.

The second thing happened today.  It seems that Republican candidate to fill Gabrielle Giffords House seat in the special election will be Jesse Kelly, the man who ran against Gabby Giffords during her last election run before being shot, and who contributed to the Tucson culture of violence by having target practice to “take out” Giffords during the 2010 race.    It was within this cuture of which Jerod Laughner determined that he had to take out Gabby and ended up killing 6 people, including a Judge and a little girl born on 9/11/2001, and wounding 14 others with bullets and an entire community with loss, grief, and shock. 
I am outraged by ignorance, a gun culture, a culture of violence and vitriol.  This has to stop.  We cannot tolerate idiocy that borders on criminal behavior and encourages others to follow a call to assassination and sedition.  Where is the outrage by the Right Wing?  These sorts of behavior that incite violence are far more outrageous than saying that a rich man’s wife has never had to work outside the home or wonder how she was going to provide for her children.
I am outraged at the lack outrage from the Right.

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