Bayh is a Rebu….no, he's a Demo…. what is he?

Probably not one of my last posts about Indiana even though I’m on the road back home to Tucson. I feel more comfortable blogging about it when I’m not there. The place scares me. Conservative doesn’t even begin to describe the climate there. Anyway… the supposedly Democratic Senator Evan Bayh finally (after years of Hoosier peace activists efforts ) met with group of individuals drawn from a coalition of constituencies representing the peace movement in Indiana as well as long standing pacifist constituencies.

You can read about the security paranoia in the Gary Post Tribune or at Network for Peace where Sue E. corrects the errors in the Trib article.

Bayh is more conservative than many of his buddies on the supposedly opposite side of the isle. I hope people understand this when re-election time rolls around.

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