Lack of Support Sucks

I've written about this before, so call me a whiner if you want to, but I have to vent and parse my options.

Building a business is difficult work. Writing content and building an online site as a business is hard work. Doing this without financial backing or personal support is exponentially more difficult.

Working at home is one thing; working without my own space while working around someone else's schedule is something else entirely.

Shutting out the memories of all the previous times I was without any personal or emotional support structure even as I am being reminded of them by this current lack of support structure is difficult and almost painful.

I am so damn brilliant and successful, so why do I have such trouble building a supportive network?

How do other women of my age begin to build a life support structure out of thin air?

How can I possibly build a business without the ability to borrow money or use credit? I am effectively unemployed outside of my start up. It is a long story involving age, non-marketable degrees, and living in a sub-minimum wage town, along with former health issues.

Stress, juggling conflicting roles and expectations, and never getting outside of my own head are my “want of a nail” issues.

So here is my mini-biblio-linko-graphy on:

Starting Up One's Life Again


for business

for connections



I am tenacious and I am resilient, and I know how to find out what I need to know. Today it was reminders that there are resources available to me, that there are ways to make connections with others, writing that inspires and instructs, and films to enjoy and from which to learn.


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