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Reframing September: Peace, Chocolate, Generations and Museums

I in no way desire to diminish the remembrances that so many people observe this month related to the sad day  of the 11th of September.  I try to re-frame as many sad events as possible in order to live as positive life as I can.  So if you, like me, want some fun things to focus upon apart from somber remembrances, I have decided that this year I will celebrate some different things this September to positively focus my energies.
I always love the official turning of the seasons, and that will occur this month when Summer gives way to Autumn on September 22nd at 1:44PM  here in Tucson (MST).  I adore TimeandDate.com

Sunday September 8th Grandparents Day

The original effort to have a National Grandparents day is chronicled here on a slightly out of date site.

Photo credit: click from morguefile.com

You can download a Generations United  Activity Guide.  This is a wonderful up-to-date 19 page booklet that is comprehensive for individuals, families, organizations, groups and seems to cover all the bases.  There are links to active groups and Facebook pages and methods for reporting back and linking up if desired.  This is via GrandParentsDay.org 
And no there is no reason to contain these activities to a specific day or week.
My friends over at Generation Fabulous are sharing their stories about Grandparents this Sunday.

September 13th International Chocolate Day

Why haven’t I been celebrating this day all my life?

Photo credit: cooossta from morguefile.com

Do I really need to say anything more about chocolate than to simply refer you to these images of just two of the delightful forms in which chocolate can be enjoyed?  Well, okay, if you insist.  Here is a link to my favorite article on the benefits of chocolate.

Photo credit: aophotos from morguefile.com

Saturday September 21st International Peace Day

Over 30 years ago the UN declared September 21 to be International Peace Day, or World Peace Day.  This year the theme is Education for Peace
Philly has a great observance celebration and they have also put together a downloadable 18 page pdf you can use for ideas and inspiration on how to observe the day.
Making Peace Cranes is always a good activity. Click the image to be taken to the wiki page.

Saturday September 28th  Museum Day Live

Smithsonian Magazine hosts an annual Museum Day Live which affords you and another person entry into  any participating museum at no cost simply by printing and presenting those downloadable tickets  from the hundreds and hundreds of participating museums.

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  1. I am all over that chocolate day!
    And I checked out some of the museums that are participating and wish hubby didn’t work on Saturdays. Two near me I have wanted to go to for awhile, The Museum of Making Music (across from LEGOLAND) and Pennypickle’s Workshop in Temecula.

    1. I tooam plotting my activities for International Chocolate Day! Heheh. Hope you can find a friend to enjoy the museum with you, borrow a friend’s kid, or even go by yourself. Museums are so cool! I still have to figure out which museum I want to go to. I’m thinking I may do one of the rural AZ ones I haven’t been to in ages.

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