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Petroglyphs from Rock Art Ranch

Yesterday was the most amazing day I have had in a long long time.
Woke up in Holbrook, Arizona and drove about 15 miles west south west to Rock Art Ranch.  I have tons of photos, but let me share a couple of the highlights of the canyon with you.

kokopelli flute player petroglyph
Flute player in the canyon

Here you can clearly see the figure usually called Kokopelli, or the Flute Player, and a big horned sheep.  Poor Kokopelli.  He has been co-opted and his image diminished from the majesty and magic he commands here and obviously commanded to the first peoples of this area.
Another absolutely astonishing image I encountered might at first appearance seem simple.  The ranch owner told us that the simple line and arrow drawings, such as the one below, are believed by some east coast researchers to be over 9000 years old.  I suspect he is getting good information from these researchers as two others he mentioned from the Arizona State Museum are researchers with whom I worked.
Arrow petroglyph thought to be be over 9000 years old.
Arrow petroglyph thought to be be over 9000 years old.

The petroglyph that moved me more than I can say is called “The Birthing Woman” and you will have to wait to see it as I want to write about it on The Women’s Legacy Project site, which I do not have time to do now, as I need to get on the Road and head toward Oklahoma.  I am going to knock off earlier today so I have time to write about the sites and thoughts I have been fortunate enough to experience during the day and a half I have been on the road thus far.

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    1. So glad you like them. There will be more added, but for now I am tired and sleep beckons before driving again.

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