Retro Nuevo Pointillism on the Way to BlogHer12

I’m currently sitting in the members lounge at AIC for a brief respite while enjoying some good coffee before I return to my attempt to visit all my favorite paintings, artists and areas.
I’ve sighed at haystacks, marveled at Seurrat and smiled at the thought of my husband’s obsession with Bernadette Peters while thinking of Sunday afternoon in the Park with George, and also even thought of an old love at the Caillebot’s ever so precise depiction of rain in Paris over a century ago.
My obligatory trip to the textiles area to honor all the women who have come before us and who had to express themselves through impermanent domestic art.
When I first traveled to live with my, now, husband, I ran to the AIC from Amtrak at Union Station for a quick view of a Gauginexhibit and had a profound reaction to a painting, I believe it was called, Girl with Eggplant. I cried. I have always equated it with the end of my “youth” and what within a month would become my journey into motherhood.
Taking pictures via phone to jog my memory when I flesh out this later this afternoon or evening.
Letting someone, a woman who is headed for a plane, use my iPad charger for my iPhone… my good deed for the day.
I hope to get to the Giftshop, but so much more to do… Lichtenstein and 20th Century American Art… I hope to see Night Hawks (263), Black Cross (265), and more O’Keefe. I’ve already paid my respects to Clouds. I want to find depictions of Kuan Yin (101a) or Guanyin too. The helpful gentleman in the Members Lounge said most of these were from the 1926 donation of the collection of Guy H. Mitchell.
later at the Amtrak area of Union Station
more on the exhibit
I was far more impressed by the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective, largest ever, to date, than I anticipated I would be. I would have tweeted about it but my phone died the second I tried to take a pic of a no photography item by accident. (By the way, the one working outlet in the Union Station waiting areas or food court, that I could find, is on the wall opposite the locker rental #6 station in the South Gate C & D area.) I had always equated him with Warhol but no more. I am so impressed that I bought the catalog for the exhibit. I rarely do this. But the art of his I’ve rarely seen is amazing, “Haystacks” moved me to tears, but they are wont to do that.
The app of the week is the AIC iPhone and iPad member app. Check it out.
Now I have to find some wifi for this iPad.
You can follow my adventures on Facebook nfhill and twitter where I tweet at @nerthus for the next day or so as I won’t have wifi.

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