Tucson to Pecos to….

Sunday, July 15, 2012
Volcanic blips in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere west of Las Cruces. I just realized that we will be spending the next day going through Texas. I haven’t take this route for years and years and years. It has probably been since I was coming back from D.C in 2004 or 2005… I do remember coming back through El Paso for some reason. I almost always take a more northerly route.
Green immigration trucks and stops with dozens of cars waiting in line. Scads and scads of green “Evergreen” double decker trains bringing in plastic crap from China… Taiwan to be exact.
We’re thinking about stopping in Old Mesilla at the chocolate shop for chocolate and coffee. That would be a nice rest stop. Sit in the plaza and people watch. It is Sunday afternoon…Mesilla Plaza is probably closing up and the exit I think we wanted is part of a massive highway improvement project.
We made it! The Chocolate Lady was still open… with three minutes to spare. Whew. I have had a rum chocolate truffle and next door we stopped and had Blue Mountain Coffee at the Billy the Kid Gift shop.
Billy Gibbons was playing on a restaurant patio and Sharp Dressed Man was reverberating throughout the plaza. I swear… coulda been… Then we jumped back on the interstate and I had to dissuade The Hubby from pulling off at the next massive road way project so we could hotwire some asphalt rollers so we could play bumper cars.
Oh. Damn… we just left the land of enchantment! “Dang Pa, this is the third state I been in today…I feel like a right proper world traveler.” I’m channeling my inner country bumpkin, which is ok for me to do as I grew up just outside of Dumb Muck, Indiana, so I earned the right to make fun of my own roots.
Slag, rock, coal. Slums and the femicide capitol of the world, almost, to the south, in the shadows of Chase and Wells Fargo towers. And of course there is the lovely Asarco chimney. They want to tear up our mountains, and forests, dig up copper (gold) poison our public common land and bring it down here across the border to smelt letting the toxic smoke blow back across the border onto the U.S. unfortunates. GD multinational, rich bastards don’t give a hoot about anything but profit.
Wow. $3.16 for gas. Thanks, President Obama! Those $4 Cheney prices sucked. In fact I think the name Cheney is Russian for sucking a part of the male anatomy.
Fascist border patrol installation around mile marker 104 or so. Stopped from 6:34 – 6:43 just before Sierra Blanca exit, that I think means “white people only beyond this point.” Dogs were being used to sniff trucks, and cars, and stuff. Isn’t that a type of search? What the frick is reasonable about this? Homeland security searching for no reasonable reason, that would be unreasonable search as in unreasonable search and seizure. This is well inside the border. This would be ridiculous if it was ‘t so not laughable. If we want to repeal something why don’t we repeal the Patriot Act. I don’t particularly like the Border Patrol flag flying in tandem with the U.S. flag. That is militarization. That flag should come down.
I succumbed to game playing while my manly he man driver kept on driving. While I enjoy driving… I don’t enjoy driving with The Hubby in the car. Any way I’m going to upload this now, while we are in a Denny’s (Goddess forgive me) waiting for slices of apple pie to go with our coffees… somewhere near Pecos.

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