I Need Sleep, a Bath, and to Go to the Bathroom by Myself

Today I was convinced I would never get to bathe again, have a lunch date with a girl friend, or go to the bathroom by myself. My work life has gone to hell. Having this new puppy is like having a toddler.

It has been over a week that I have been parenting the pup pretty much full time. The Hubby does night duty and that is good. I do not do well without sleep. Still I've been shorted a bit on sleep, too. When Hubby arrived home at 6:15 today he had carry out with him. Thank Heaven. Then, as soon as supper was over I went in and ran a hot bath and turned on the jets and luxuriated. I had not soaked in a tub in 10 days. Only quick showers.

Perhaps I should be crate training the puppy but mastiffs get so big that crates are huge and hugely expensive. Then there is the whole matter of not knowing the exact conditions from which the pup was rescued. I don't want to put him in a crate is he was taken from horrible caged conditions. So during the work day I am home, not in my office, and watching the pup pretty much constantly, so that outdoor bodily functions, non-furniture chewing and staying in the tiled part of the house become second nature to him.

I knew all about this before getting our pup. I forgot about the “falling asleep in my clothes, hitting the ground running and not getting a shower in the morning” part until this afternoon when I noticed how fragrant I was and that my clothes were from yesterday. ARRRGGGHHHHH!

Today I decided to bring a student desk in from the covered patio where it had been awaiting a garage sale, and put it in our open plan back room behind the sofa so I can bring my desktop computer out from my office and get some serious work done again while still keeping an eye on the dogs. Sigh.

I guess it wouldn't have been that bad of a day all in all, but I haven't told you the gross story as yet. This a.m. right before Hubby was getting coffee and heading off to work he noticed a huge, what I would call a meal worm, larval stage of something crawling under the dining room table. I came over and we then saw several! Ick, ick ick!!!! I ran to the pantry to see if some forgotten bit of organic pasta or something had become a home for some insect's next generation. Nothing. He checked the garbage. It took us a few minutes to find the bag of off brand dog treats that had been infested with something and was the source of the larvae. Yuck. So even though I had cleaned the room yesterday, I had to move everything and sweep up hundreds, of crawling larvae that were dispersing themselves in all directions from the dining room closet where the dog stuff is kept on the floor in a wicker basket. Gross, gross, gross!

When it rains it pours. I really, really wanted to take a shower after all that, but couldn't leave the pup unattended, and our house is divided by a baby gate into dog half of house and cat half of house, and our bath is in the cat half.

But now, I finally feel clean. What an utterly uninspiring day.

At least the puppy had a good day. He discovered a suspicious plastic lid for a jar that needed constant watching and frequently barking at. The vacuum is also really an alien invader that must have extra ferocious puppy barking to be kept in check. Also, the hall bathroom has toilet paper rolls and if you grab an end, you can run off with it and unroll a huge lengths of paper.


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