2019 A to Z Theme Reveal

Memory is key to writing about our lives, work, and interests. As a semiotically-inclined anthropologist I think about how I know what I know far more than any person outside an academic enclave is ever likely to do. So I chose this topic because memory gives us meaning.

For The A to Z Challenge, an exercise that I find extremely useful as a writer, I am covering the A to Z of Memory. In this challenge writers – bloggers, authors, business owners, and writers of all stripes – post six times a week for the month of April, Monday through Saturday. Using this formula, 26 posts result. It works on months with 30 days. Participants in this challenge use this formula, cover the topics with one post per letter, starting with letter A, and proceeding onward, skipping Sundays, cover the English alphabet for their theme.

I first tried the challenge in 2011. In 2014 I managed to complete it but with little forethought or planning which made it far more difficult than it needed to be. In 2015, I planned a bit more. By last year I was able to both cover my topic with a fairly even hand and learn a new skill in the process – creating thematically linked images for each post that can be used on Pinterest while looking somewhat stylistically informed by my brand.

In this age of divisive information, I decided that The Women’s Legacy Project, a significant brand of my business, Hill Research Services, would write a series of articles useful to a broader audience than is typically drawn to creating and understanding a legacy for women. Understanding how we think, create, store, and recall information helps us understand how we interact with others, what constitutes a fact, an opinion, and a memory.

These articles are not intended to touch upon opinions of what is right and/or wrong, they only deal with aspects of memory, the limits of memories, and the wonder of triggering memories that are useful, essentially accurate thoughts, or works of art or histories, about the past.

You will be able to find all the posts/articles for this challenge by searching the category of Memory on this site. You may also stay up to date with the WLP take on this challenge on social media. @Nerthus will also be tweeting out each post and images will also be posted on Instagram as WomensLegacyProject as well as on Pinterest. And if you have not yet discovered our page on Facebook, check us out, as you can also follow along on the WLP FB page.