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Sharing Information, Sharing Smiles

Yesterday a set of comments on the blog post I wrote the previous day, Saturday, reinforced a very powerful bit of information which I have a tendency to forget over time.  We all know different things.  You may well say, “Of course!”  At the most basic level, sure, we all know this, yet as a writer, blogger, and graphics nerd; I can forget that the things with which I work, day in and day out, are not common knowledge.
I was unsure as to whether I would be writing something that was of no practical use to anyone when I wrote a short post on a basic resource for free images.  I didn’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, and I’ve known of this resource for ages.
But those fears went away when one reader commented that she had bookmarked the resource and thanked me.  The other comment that popped up Sunday morning was reinforcing the info I had shared as a known quantity but one of high quality. Today another reader thanked me.  I love sharing information that is useful.
So today I’m wondering, how do I find out what it is that I know that others don’t know that they might want to hear about?  I’m at a loss. I mean I can ask you the readers, and I am going to ask you, but other than questionnaires and scouring my analytics, what else is there? How do you determine the topics on which you write?  What are the subjects of which you would like to see more?  There is a poll on this topic in the sidebar; please fill it out if you would be so kind.  It will remain open through October 31st.  Do you like my reviews, my information nerd articles, pet articles, personal stories, or political stuff?  You can always leave a comment too.   Thanks!

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  1. When my hubby passed away, I remembered one of his favorite quotes about how when someone passes away, a library burns to the ground. The knowledge you possess is uniquely you, and nobody knows all the things you do. I remember thinking how true it was, and even 5 years later, I wish he was here to toss something at him for an answer.
    I think you can share, and see what people respond to, as I was thrilled with the images you shared. It is like my card making. I make them and share them and some get comments galore, or questions about how they are made, and others get less, but there has always been a few on each. I never know what will resonate with others. I just enjoy the sharing.

    1. Winnie, Thank you for sharing this, I’m touched by your sharing of a very personal perspective. Sometimes we forget how special each and every one of us is. That is why my favorite film of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We will never ever know the impact we have on others, and we will never understand what it is that we uniquely offer up to the world. We just have to believe.

  2. I can’t get the poll to work (nothing is clickable). I found you because of a political post, I think, and always appreciate thoughtful political commentary. Since you’ve listed categories, I would also have checked feminism, baby boomers and spirituality. Thanks for ALL the information you provide. As the previous commenter said, I just enjoy the sharing.

    1. Debbi, I’ve fixed the poll, I think. Everything should be working now. Politics… good. I like to combine regular old, everyday woman thoughts with politics because they are so inter-related in my worldview. Thanks!

    1. Nerdy stuff – great. I obviously love it too. I fixed the poll, at least I think I did. Whenever I install a new plugin or widget there is always a surprise or two. 🙂

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