Reorganizing Everything

I've been in such a funk lately that I decided to spend the day organizing…

Household Organization

First I bought a new shower curtain

to coordinate with my old brick wall

in the master bath.

This helped me get out of my recent doldrums a bit. This didn't really help me organize anything, but having a room look nice makes me want to work in it, so this will help me organize the master suite that contains my hubby's office, though I may steal it soon, as well as our bedroom, bath, and closet, and laundry. If our suite had a kitchen it could serve as a small studio apartment, which is why we designed it the way we did. We could add a kitchenette and rent it out in our old age. We could also live in it and rent out the rest of the house.

Computer Organization

Then I rewarded myself with a desktop image change on my desktop computer after I organized the 100 plus files that were scattered on the desktop and filed them or threw them out. I have always loved Hopper. I visit Night Hawks every time I visit the AIC, or visit Chicago for that matter. There is something that he captured that reminds me visiting my grandparents' house in the rural remnants of a 19th Century village in the very late 1950s and early 1960s.

This helped me feel like I had accomplished something that will help me get more accomplished and reminded me of all the stuff I've written and created as back-story to the significant amount of stuff I've put on line in the last couple of months. This made me feel less like a slug.

Mental Organization

Then I built a mind map of my current work related projects.

I used Mind Note Lite to create the mind map of my current projects. This serves as my app recommendation of the week. Mind mapping really helps me visualize all the disparate things going on in my mind.

I thought about using project management software, but I find that as an individual who works for herself that project management software isn't as useful to me as is mind mapping software. Since I tend to work by myself unless I outsource a project component, I find that mind-mapping helps me organize the overall structure of what I'm doing better than project management. This more curvilinear representation helps me get a handle on what I'm doing better than a spreadsheet or list would. Once I have a handle on what is actually going on, then I can prioritize. I always have 15 different projects running, I can get so spread out that I become completely dysfunctional. This helps tremendously and doesn't stress me out the way the pointed linear boxes of a spreadsheet would. This last point I made could be a blog post in and of itself so I will save it for later… for now just allow me to say that women and curves go together!

Finally, I put the Holiday Touch on this blog by changing the header. This is a psychological point of seasonal organization.

So I guess I am back at it. And thanks to taking today to organize and review, I know what it is.


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