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Planning 2020 – First Pass

12th Day of Christmas

Box up the ornaments

January 6 was not a special day until I became acquainted, as an adult, with the concept of Christmas being a multi-day event. It seemed like the perfect way to defeat the shopping-centered Black Friday kick-off to a consumerist season. Lights go up on 23rd, are turned on on the 24th and come down on January 6, Three Kings Day, the 12th Day of Christmas.

That is today. The first Monday after the New Year. For me this is when I really get back to work and implement whatever plans I have for the year.

Products for Preservation

Not everyone needs to order such items online, but it can be difficult for people who live in small towns or rural areas to find the right items for preserving their photos and documents. And specialty stores, of the brick and mortar variety, can be very expensive.

So far this year I have a new Amazon Associate account set up and am determining items I recommend for legacy projects. Mainly these are items for preservation. I will update some older articles within a few days and republish them. There will also be a shopping section created on the site.

Digitizing Film Negatives and Slides

Beginning in February I will begin to scan all old family photo negatives. I’ve researched scanners and digitizers and know what I will order after I return from my next business trip to Southern California. You can count on a few posts about this digitization project and what I learn while doing it.

I will also set up a photographic stand to do macro photography stills related to old cloth and materials and photos. I will let you know what I find out here too.

Local Action

I think I will be helping out Every Town for Gun Safety, or Moms Demand Action locally here in Tucson. This will certainly filter into what I research and write about and as well.

100 Years of Suffrage

But the most exciting aspect of 2020 for me, besides the ever so significant elections taking place throughout the year, is the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage for women in the United States. 100 years is nothing in the span of history, but we must celebrate, share stories, and focus on what we must do in these next 100 years.

I will have much much more to share after attending a meeting of the National Women’s History Alliance in San Diego this weekend.

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