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I had today’s post ready to auto-post, I thought, but it has disappeared. I have been playing with the iCloud, Pages, iPad, desktop computer interface in order to become comfortable with some software I want to use when I am visiting Daughter 1, Daughter 2, and The Grand Toddlers when I am on leg one of my upcoming trip, as well as far more intense use during the next two phases of the trip when I first will be at BlogHer ’12 in NYC, and then on a train trip across country with a stopover in Chicago.
I’m glad I am getting familiar with a new configuration of equipment and software, and one little loss of data isn’t going to throw me because I have been downloading, testing and deleting, and rearranging with abandon.
But I do want to make sure that you know about AppsGoneFree. I like to test programs before I buy them unless I am very familiar with the company or app from some other use or product. So I spend lots of time searching through the App Store for extremely interesting low cost apps and sort of intriguing free ones. This searching is very tedious and time consuming. That is why I so appreciated finding AppsGoneFree to do the searching for me. It searches out apps everyday and posts its finds usually by mid-morning Pacific time. Apps have to have at least a three star rating and normally be for sale with no more than a couple free offerings in the past six months.
Today I found two apps to test out using AppsGoneFree: World Recipes, that is free today through midnight, though it was listed yesterday, and something simply called Checklist that seems quite promising due to its ability to synch and communicate with various other email, SMS, and cloud storage software apps. And liteArrow’s LifeTopix looks like it may be great for organizing all your life all the time!
So, go have a Happy 4th of July and celebrate Freedom by trying out AppsGoneFree.

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