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Everything Old Is New Again…Like Measles. Part 1

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and others about what we as a people, as humanity, know, and what we should act upon.  This post started out as a rant, but the rant will be in Part 2 as tomorrow’s post, and the action item is today’s post.
The outbreak of measles in a Texas community unfortunately illustrates where group-think based in ignorance, power over children to the detriment of those children, and ridicule of non-believers that keeps members in check can lead.
There are a few more days left in this month to participate in [email protected] which my friend Lois Alter Mark superbly summarized at Midlife at the Oasis while highlighting the work of two women bloggers I also admire:

This month – Blogust, as it should forever be known from now on – [email protected] is taking that philosophy literally. Thirty-one well-known bloggers, including my friends Chloe Jeffreys and Darryle Pollack, are writing special posts, and Walgreens will donate a vaccine to a child in need for every comment posted on those stories during August.

Go sign-up and comment on today’s post and then come back and read my rant which follows about ignorance and arrogance, that by the way is not only found in mega churches, but also in lock step political groups, and even new age spirituality groups I’ve encountered.  Closed-mindedness is dangerous no matter where it is found.
Blogust coinciding with the measles outbreak is a synchronicity we could have lived without.

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  1. Thanks for giving me a shout-out here! This is such an important issue, and maybe it’s good that the measles outbreak occurred during Blogust so people will understand the implications of not vaccinating children — and get behind the vital work that [email protected] is doing.

    1. Quotes, references, bibliographies… I just love attribution, it comes from all those years spent in libraries, and when someone has said it so well, why mess with perfection? You are welcome, m’dear.

  2. Dealing with this group-think right now as I review student’s immunization records! Can’t wait to chime in tomorrow!

    1. I’m counting on you, Phoebe! You speak from a very informed position as a nurse who works with school children.

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