Intersectionality and Legacy

Intersectionality is a concept applied by black feminists, womanists, to the additive nature of inclusion in non-dominant social groups.  Poverty, class, male privilege, and white privilege all reinforce and strengthen the dominant norms of wealth, class, male privilege, and white privilege from which other norms are derived such as beauty, worth, and intelligence.
I like the concept that intersecting cultural factors create a societal mesh that is not easily disrupted, dissembled, and changed.
Morgan Sessions girl and approaching storm from unsplash.com
I am also fascinated by neglected energetic principles of social organization.
Where we put our energy, and upon what we focus feeds the maintenance of those societal elements.  I choose, most often to focus on supporting what I want to see come about, not because of any Pollyanna naiveté, but rather because I want to see the existing and unacceptable state of things wither and die on the vine while other states bloom.
This is a matter of focus and framing.  Ferocity need not be scrapped.
A person may be a woman, a member of a group of color, socio-economically challenged, an LBGTQ group member, physically disabled, emotionally scarred, and membership in all these groups if framed through structures of the defining groups collectively end up defining her through the mindset of dominant groups.
The term “radical kindness” is being bantered about in feminist and womanist circles.  From my systems and semiotic perspective, this is a very good thing. Peace and compassion can be fierce.
Why not say we are human, vivid, busy, loving, unique, and experienced.  That reframes woman, of color, poor, non-CIS, disabled, and damaged in positive language.
Because the legacy of women is growing and blossoming at this moment in time, we have a chance within this area to grow an inclusive, positive perspective that ultimately defines more than half the human race.  Surely we must do this.
Blessings to us all.

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  1. i like the idea of reframing using the qualities you mention and disbanding with labels that don’t really define the whole woman.

    1. The image is my Morgan Session from pixabay or unsplash, can’t remember at the moment. Amazing isn’t it.

  2. I totally agree with your thoughts about reframing and referring to human, vivid, loving,unique, experienced – I’m not a big fan of labels.

    1. Thank you Mithra. I do write about feminist theory and social change from time to time. What subtopic would you like more on?

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