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Iconic U: Umiaq, Ursula, and Ubiquity

I had the best of plans for the letter U.  I had decided early on that the perfect word for the letter U in this years’s challenge was the word Umiaq, which would give me opportunity to talk about gendered toolkits and tools, not pink hand drills, but real distinct tools that are women’s boats such as umiaq, or women’s knives such as ulus.  These are both examples from languages of peoples from the circumpolar region inside the Arctic Circle.  But there is also the gender of  many words which I have always found intriguing that some languages have this and some do not.
But then I remembered Ursula K. Le Guin and wanted to remember her inspiring work.  Surely I should talk about her groundbreaking novel about gender, The Left Hand of Darkness.  Or her sensible words on aging.
Then the words unique and ubiquity kept jumping into my mind.  Perhaps I could throw in a bunch of other words that deal with the iconic feminine that did not fit in elsewhere?  Universal principles with unique, even idiosyncratic, examples.
Or perhaps the iconic nature of the umbilical cord but then I would probably have to talk about the placenta and I don’t want to do that.  Personal phobia.  Ick.
And how can I pass up an opportunity to talk about the usurious nature of many economic practices in the modern western world?  It is not just about exorbitant interest rates but about women needing to take them out far more often than men due to lesser pay, hours being cut, layoffs, and having to care for multiple generations during family ill-health.
Then there is the way women are uniting in the United States to gain leadership and governance rules.

These are all worthy topics for discussion.  So, if you were writing about iconic female connections to items, words, and concepts, as well as iconic women, which one of these would you tackle?

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