OMG – Best Networking Ever

I am in San Diego at a National Women’s History Alliance meeting.

Do you know about the Justice Bell. Did not this morning. Now I do. A copy of the Liberty Bell made by suffragists to tour around on a flat bed truck as a draw for suffragists speeches, over a 100 years ago.

We need to layer our messages over the suffragists’ messages/history just as they layered on the Liberty Bell traveling across the country from Pennsylvania to San Francisco for the 1915 Worlds Fair.

Finding Justice: The Untold Story of Women’s Fight for the Vote from Justice Bell Foundation on Vimeo.

This has been my nifty-keeno find thus far.

The conference is celebrating 40th anniversary of NWHA and 100 years of suffrage.

Kim and Molly
The Board

The amazing women that have been behind the podium thus far:

I am learning so much and soaking up so much inspiration.

Just got out of Kate Campbell Stevenson‘s one woman show on the history of the women’s equality and suffrage with highlights from Abigail Adams to Rose Crabtree to Alice Paul. Kate has an amazing voice made for the theater and she brought these women to life.

I have to transcribe notes from all the conversations, talks, chit-chat, but that is for another post.

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