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Word Cloud Images

I did a great post on Hill Research Services for which I could not find an appropriate accompanying image, so I used Tagxedo to create this.  Cool, no?  Zip on over to my business site to see how it looks in the actual article that is also a good read about the Old Pueblo.
Word clouds shaped by images are hot, and this is one of the ways you can make them for FREE.  They work great as custom images or graphics  for your blog
I did this one from using this website’s url and a shape I uploaded.
I DO NOT like that the developer of the app claims copyright to anything his app spits out as this image is impossible without words that describe my site with a silhouette that I created.  Other than that, a great free app.  I presume that when the app becomes available in a pro format that I will be able to change the copyright field to a Creative Commons license.

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