Veterans are Key to Restoring America the Beautiful

Vets are running for Congress, as Democrats. The corruption in government scandal is spreading from D.C. to Texas to Ohio to…a state near you? Occam’s razor does not often apply when we analyze behavior — the easiest explanation is not always the most likely. We of other views cannot just say corruption is a Republican problem. But neither can we say there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Many folks who are now in power should not be representing us in governmental processes. From both parties. Why? Because they see themselves as being in power and not as public servants.

I think we need to remember the simple distinction between the two parties in American politics that my father taught me. Republicans represent business interests and Democrats represent the little guy. That is still basically true, in principle. But another factor has woven itself throughout the fabric of our society.

But a factor that many folks don’t seem to grok is that there is another major player… the corporation. Business in the U.S. was originally what was done by the landed white men and was the reason these guys wanted to escape from the grip of control by corporate entities such as the Monarchy and the East Indian Tea Company.

Individual interests, whether it be keeping your property under your own control or bettering your conditions as a laborer are at odds with corporate entities who have once again gained control over governance — corporations are not people, but have gradually regained all the rights of individuals (and none of the responsibilities) — the very thing that our country was founded to fight against. Our founding fathers would have executed the supreme courts justices who upheld any law treating a corporation as a person by giving them rights. Corporations have no conscience and no morality.

What we are seeing played out at this time is not an issue of Republican versus Democrat although this argument is being used as a cover by corrupt individuals who are using corporate interests to accumuilate tremendous wealth at the expense of all other people.

People are going to have to realize that we cannot usurp other levels of organization and process in this living system called Earth. There will be corporate or higher level action above that of individuals. What we are going to have to realize is that corporate interests should not be skewed to exist only at one artificial level of society — the economic.

Money and profit is no more real than status as member of the Bear Clan nor as member of the British Royal Family. These things are real only because we believe in them. Economics is only one aspect of life, and it too is a created construct. It doesn’t have to be any more than what be allow it to be. It has become the controling interest in the world and this profit-based worldview is destroying us by defining people as labor and nature as resource. Profit and excess destroy the foundation of sustainability.

No, I am NOT about to launch into a Marxist rant. I think that Communism that was derived from Marxist philosophy is just as screwed up and imbalanced as Capitalism that values capital or property over balance in life. I am not promoting any sort of revolutionary change. Just a return to a sensible attempt to pursue life liberty and happiness, and 2) to form a more perfect union. My take is that this must be based on health, learning, individual freedom of expression in all aspects of life not economic aspects like all of the major governments in the last 150 years.

Perhaps this is what the many veterans, who are now running for Congress for the first time in the 2006 elections, will do by making significant inroads into reclaiming self-governance — after all they fought and saw their buddies die to preserve our freedoms, not to preserve profit by raising one aspect of our society (economic) above all others.

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