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Tech, Tweets, and the TARDIS: How to Embed a Tweet

Did you know you can embed tweets?  You can!

Fifty years ago at 5.15pm on Nov 23rd 1963, a mysterious exile from another world appeared on @BBCOne in #DoctorWho. pic.twitter.com/XUmYQZn9QZ
— BBC One (@BBCOne) November 23, 2013

In the following image I have cropped part of a screen capture of a tweet by the Twitter Account @BBCOne to show you how to get the Embed Tweet button from a drop-down menu.
To get to the white text on blue background button that says, “Embed Tweet” just click under the ***More option that is the fourth of four actions always offered under the body of the tweet. 
Embed Screen Shot tweet
Once you click Embed Tweet you will see something very much like the following:
sample doctor who how to tweet
There will be a pop-up window that includes a text box with some code to cut and paste.  Do that and voilà embedded tweet.

Note: I wrote up this little tutorial  while awaiting the 50th Anniversary Special Episode showing of a new multi-Doctor episode.

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