Synchronicity Behind Life by the Cup

Several weeks ago I read a book review by Helene Cohen Bludman on her Books is Wonderful blog.  I responded  to the post by saying that Life by the Cup would be such a perfect read for me and that I wanted to read it and that I was going to “win” the giveaway she was offering.  I needed inspirational reading while I am on my travel/escape from 100 degrees and 100% humidity that plagues my wonderful Tucson during the intensity of the monsoon season.

book buzz
A screen capture from Helene’s blog.

This was the comment exchange.  I was serious in my praise, it was not flattery.  It was a great interview and I would have purchased a copy had I not won one:

Nancy Hill (@Nerthus)on June 6, 2014 at 6:15 pm said:  Great review/interview! I would rush right out and buy a copy, but I’m going to win the copy you are giving away…

I will definitely have a copy with me on vacation this year. It has all the elements of life with which I am currently obsessed: women in business, fair trade, memoir, and positive framing.

Thank you for turning me on to this!

I just received the book from the publisher via a publicist in the mail today! I’m excited.
I now will have this book with me at #BlogHer14 as well as while my hubby and I drive across the country and back, right after the conference.
I do not believe in a bearded man up in the sky orchestrating the smallest of details of the lives of going on 7 billion people as well as the lives of all the other thousands of billions of other living creatures on Earth.  But I do believe in synergy and synchronicity. I do not try to explain coincidence, but I am happy and grateful when it happens.
I know this book will generate a few posts.  It is about a woman entrepreneur but also about purpose-filled living and how women do things.  This is important for so many reasons, at so many levels. For now that is all I am saying about it.  But there will be more!
Without being given a copy of this book I might not have credited BlogHer with creating the network of individual writers, not just bloggers, I count as writerly friends of a certain age had I not received this little reminder that most of the women from whom I draw inspiration today I have met in the 8 years I have been attending BlogHer conferences.
Had I received the copy of the book within a week after Helene’s review, I might not have seen this little unexpected gift from the cosmos as BlogHer related.  But snafu after snafu snagged and snarled the getting of the book to me so that it arrived right now of when I am trying to write  a veritable explosion of posts about the wonderful things that have come into the world because of BlogHer. My having this book, having a group of eloquent, informed, and generous women bloggers of a certain age to read, chat with on women’s blogging groups, and count as friends is a treasure beyond measure.
We are changing the world just by having our cohort’s voices out there, but we are also amplifying the change through the collective and rather cohesive voice with which many of us speak.

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  1. Things happen for a reason, my friend. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the book. Have fun at BlogHer!

  2. This! “…we are also amplifying the change through the collective and rather cohesive voice with which many of us speak.”
    Can’t wait to meet you…a week, it’s a week away!

    1. Yes, I can’t wait either. We are changing the world, but there is so much more to do! So many more women writers to meet and fold into our mix. Much plotting and scheming to do while laughing (…and eating, drinking, and making merry!)

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