Some Days Are, Well, Rather Sucky

Not that I’m complaining.  I still have a wonderful life.  Wonderful family.  Wonderful friends.  And a former hosting company that sucks big time.  Today did not go as planned. 

Did you ever wake up and find your self-hosted sites all disappeared along with the hosting company you have used for years?

Let me tell you, it sucks.  Big time! 

But, for me, recovery comes easier than it once did.  When things go wrong you realize what you have learned since the last time you were tested.  Yes, even finding out you will have to reload all your sites from not really up to date back-ups onto a new hosting company’s servers after you find that company, set up accounts, and initiate name server transfers. 

At one time all this would have left me in a dark, absolutely no fun, pillows over my head in a dark room, funk for several days, at least, while I tried to figure out what all the steps to starting over with a new hosting company would be.  Then actually doing the steps would have taken another couple of days, or weeks.  So a few hours of work and a beer and a Cobb salad later, things are as under control as they could possibly be, and I’m just waiting for the DNS migration to happen. 

So really things are good even though the day was, well, challenging to sucky.  I now have even more shareable information about what every person who has a self-hosted website needs to know. 

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  1. Nothing fries my brain like "tech" disasters. I admire your unflappability in the face of potential web tragedy. I hope I never need this information you've so painfully learned!

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