Pelosi's Plane and Word Choice

Okay… if Pelosi needs a new plane that goes further and stops on a dime… why don’t we give her one that will make it to Iraq so she can pick up the troops, and bring them home?

Okay, I’m not realy thinking that will happen, but seriously, why do the Dems allow the corporate stooge media to define the conversation. Any discussion of planes should be about planes bringing troops home, why there are aircraft carriers in the Gulf, why are flights to nonexistant gulags taking off from Georgia and South Carolina? Those are plane stories that should be in the news.

Taking command of our language and being highly selective in which dialogs we agree to participate is critical to changing the way people think. Language and thought are so closely tied that we must give careful thought to all our words.

On the train back to D.C. to rejoin our pink occupation forces I read an article in The American Journal of Semiotics 18.1-4 by Henry G. Burger “Slitherites” or “Terrorists”?–Spin Doctoring the Combatants. Semiotic articles are fairly esoteric in most people’s world views, but this discussion of variations in naming and shades of meaning is well worth an examination by p.r. folks for the nonprofits working for peace who work with the crafting of meanings.

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