Panties in a Knot Over Pantywaist Protocol on Guns

There is a dearth of reason in this country.  I believe this lack ultimately traces to the erosion of education in our country.  High School students should be able to complete the coursework in the 5th grade readers that their great, great, grandparents had to complete in order to have basic education.  Completion of the 6th reader prepared a student to be able to teach others.
We are a nation of ignoramuses.  We allow a “patriot” act that destroys many of the freedoms essential to a democracy which generations of Americans fought and died to create and protect.  We also refuse to reign in corporations.
West Point study on three types of right wing extremist groups and each type’s likelihood of using violence:
Read this and learn, buckos.
Over the last 20 years, what has killed them most Americans?

  • Guns
  • Domestic Terrorists
  • International Terrorists

Guns wins the quiz.  It is going on a million plus.  Actually the number I saw was over 900,000 souls since 9/11/01.  Domestic terrorists were up for debate in my opinion.  Do you count Waco, or is that attributable to the ATF?  International terrorism in the U.S.  Way way under 5000, no matter how you parse the numbers.  Almost a 1,000,000 versus 5,000?  We give up all decency and shoes to go through airport security, even when the cargo on the same flight isn’t searched, but the corporations who manufacture guns get whatever they want for a free ride for psychos who buy their guns in the name of “freedom?”  Give me an effing break!!!
The proletariat are brainwashed by the fancy plastic crap and the guns that The Great Satan (aka Walmart) sells.
All the idiots I grew up with.  Not all the people, just the stupid ones, that stayed in the little home town in the Midwest clinging to their guns and their religion think they have it better than anyone else in the world.  How the hell was this brainwashing allowed to happen?
No one gives a shit about your hunting.  When was the last time anyone actually stayed alive through the practice of hunting and missed crop farming.  For my family it was a year back in the 1960s.  Unless you can say something similar, I really don’t want to hear your panty-waist bs about liberty.
Guns are impinging on my liberty.  Friends were shot in Tucson.  The D.C. sniper shot a woman at the shopping center where I shopped several times a week in Arlington.  My family relocated to the D.C. area to support a granting agency that could not get people to move to the D.C. area after 9/11 because our family felt it was our duty to do so.  Two brothers and one husband has served in the military. One was horrendously wounded while serving his time in the economic draft.   I’ve been escorted out of U.S. Senate hearings for speaking truth to power.
I am so pissed off at the death and maiming of more innocents by I will bet you anything right-wing, home-grown terrorists, that I could spit venom.
Women!  Wake up!  We have to take governance back and create a world that is somewhat sane again.  This glorification of men as potential militia has gone far enough.  No one needs semi-automatic weapons, mega-clips, ammonia nitrate (fertilizer) that is not marked with tracing materials, nor the ability to sell guns to drug lords at the local fairgrounds during the off season.
Put down your effing coupons long enough to think about who your purchases support and who wins when you play good American wife and mum that never talks about sex, drugs, rock and roll, or religion or politics.  The status quo wins.  The status quo sucks.
Wake up.  Soon it really will be too late.  I would just keep my mouth shut, but your complacency is effing up my grandchildren’s future.  Take your finger out of your nose and start thinking about what is going on around you…
Perhaps I am being a bit hard on you, but WAKE THE F… UP!

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  1. Totally agree. Am angry and sad and mortified and signing every petition, writing every representative, only buying from companies who do the right thing.

  2. Nancy – I LOVE your lack of a filter! it’s amazing and so refreshing. I was watching MSNBC the other day and Al Sharpton encapsulated it quite properly in noting that you have to show ID to get a darn beer in this country but not a gun. Crazy

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