Oryx and Crake, Labyrinths, and Mile Markers

Hey Ho. Writing from Oklahoma City… Wednesday a.m. from a Panera. No internet connection last night. Lucky I found a place to sleep… third try was a charm. I wanted to go west to Pueblo CO and walk a labyrinth there and drop down again, but I can’t risk the weather and time that could be involved… so I compromised and walked an 11-Circuit Chartres style labyrinth near Kansas City at Unity Village… and then dropped down through KS and OK… I find the more complex 11 circuit labyrinths to be conducive to far better walking meditations for me than the shorter 7 circuit classic style. I got a late start yesterday as I had to find an internet connection and determine the route I would take and which stops I could still make and which I’d have to drop. Finished listening to Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake yesterday. The language in the book is exquisite. The story is compelling. All the soul deep questions one asks in a lifetime are there. Her voices are so real.
Today I drive I40. Tomorrow I hope to stop and see the new rotation of O’Keeffe paintings at the gallery in Santa Fe. I would love to roll into Tucson tomorrow night and see my husband for a few minutes (overlap with him as I told a friend *wicked grin*) before he flies out Friday a.m. But I may not make it all that way.
Today I will listen to Alice Sebold‘s The Lovely Bones.
I have much to report and little time to report it. My head is filled with ideas and I’ve been heavily thinking about cycles, friends, discoveries, omissions, endings, beginnings, connections of the heart, family, wings, labyrinths, purpose, inspiration, synchronicity… haven’t yet blogged about Ray Charles and Joan Osborne’s Spider Web so read the No Georgia On My Mind No More review on the Relish page instead.
The trip to Indiana was great… only a couple minor bumps. Great research and great connections made. More later on that.
Oh yes, haven’t commented on Ronnie Raygun’s passing either… perhaps that in and of itself is a comment.
Time to move on. Oh… almost forgot…
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This post from the Panera on the NW Expressway in OK City.

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