Of Course I'm Being Spied On — AND SO ARE YOU!

In answer to the question posed in my last post: Of course! Every American is being surveiled. That is what the real story is here, and the media is once again tilting and spinning away from the real story here. We’ve known about human government employee (including military) spying on groups for a long time with new info coming forward every few months.

We have the technical ability to spy on everyone, save the data, and then to mine the data for anything and everything.

One of the most straight forward discussions I’ve found about this topic can be found at the Defensetech.org site and more specifically in the article on their site, New Tech Behind NSA Snoop Case?

If you need more convincing, try looking up the TIA (that was supposedly ended in 2003) or in this general discussion of information surveillance and data mining by William Arkin

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  1. We’re all probably being spied on and if you speak out about the Bush administration, and it’s in the form of criticism, you can bet that you are being spied on. Bush and his Neo-Con buddies can out an undercover CIA agent during a time of war, and not much happens, but when someone reveals that the President ordered an agency to spy on Americans nad it becomes public,he(Bush) gets defensive. Gimmee a break….you can bet that this isn’t the only illegal thing this president and his cabinet have done….theres a lot more than a Fox in the Hen house here….just my opinion, thanks for letting me share.

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