Odds and Ends

… But mainly odds here.

I’m ready to move far, far away from Arizona idiocy. So p.o.ed that I didn’t even celebrate the b-day,  AZ’s100th, yesterday.

Happy birthday to the Hubby, my one and only. My one and only what I’m not sure! Ba-dum-pum.

Hell is freezing over — there was snow in Tucson on the the AZ Centennial!

Since when do people get to impose their religious views on government? I am a devout anti-war UU. I do not want my tax money to support war, violence, the death penalty… and how is that any different than what the conservatives are bitching about? Why are they being taken seriously when these progressive, and deeply held religiously-based values are not?

Bought my Hubby’s birthday present(s) at J C Penney! And I asked the clerk to be sure to let the management know why I was supporting their store, and he will.

Now to go hang with the Hubby-pooh.

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