November Is For NaBloPoMo


It’s Alphabet Soup.  It’s Acronym Stew.  No, it is NaMoPoMo!

I’m celebrating making it through another October, often a very difficult month for me, by joining in this annual blog writing challenge by writing and posting on this blog every day in November.  No.  It doesn’t make sense to me either.  And yes, this time of year is the beginning of Holiday Stress for most folks, me included.  But, I’m joining this annual writing challenge with the funny name anyway.  Why?  Read on for a list of motivations behind my decision.

NaBloPoMo November 2014
National Blog Writing Month (derived from National Novel Writing Month)

Why I Do NaBloPoMo

  • Cohorts can support members by providing community.  In this case –  a writing community – and writers  often tend toward the hermit communication model so anything that encourages community is good for those of us who would gladly move into a cave, as long as it had wifi.
  • The best way to write more, is to write more.  Duh!  I know from experience that after completing a month of NaBloPoMo, posting several times a week becomes far easier.  I’ve successfully navigated this challenge and improved my writing quality and quantity each time.
  • I find that I always start many more posts than I finish.  I save these starts as drafts and they serve as starters for posts during busy or dry spells for months after the challenge.
  • This time of year is great for writing about some of my favorite topics that help to provide a bit of balance to the immense pressure to over-consume, over-spend, and generally run oneself ragged at this time of year.
  • I also need the once a year reminder this challenge provides that posts do not have to be overly long or overly complicated.

So you can find out more about this challenge that actually goes on each month, although November is the original month for the challenge, by clicking on this post’s graphic near the top of the page.

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  1. I am so glad to be on this journey together Nancy. I agree, it is so easy to get in our own heads and get lost in “this time of year”. Another reason to add to the list the next time I question the decision!! Here’s to lifting each other up!

  2. I usually try to respond to each comment, but today I am swamped with preparing for a presentation – But thank you SO MUCH to each and every one of you for your encouragement of this self-imposed and prolonged writing frenzy.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    I thought I signed up last night, but I don’t show up yet. So I signed up again a few minutes ago.
    But I did post yesterday and today. I am upgrading my blog and this is the perfect time for this challenge.
    hugs gerry

    1. Success this time. I’m in! AND in at BlogHer, and looking around for where to exactly where the posts get linked on each space.I can see I could spend a lot of time here…but can’t right now. Thanks for the prompt, Nancy.

      1. I hope you got it all figured out. I’m gonna pop over and look for you and then if I don’t fall asleep, I will pop over to your blog, but I have to write a post for tomorrow too.

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