Nablopomo No Mo'

I actually wrote my answer to today’s writing prompt for the last day of the November Nablopomo on BlogHer, “What did you learn from doing Nablopomo?” as yesterday’s blog post. I am always so ahead of the game.   It was called, “Posting 30 Times This Month – Nearly There, Nearly Insane.”  I did forget to mention one thing in yesterday’s post – that in the absolutely brutal past month, my daughter also was in a fender bender in my car.  But things are starting to shape up today.  I figured out a plan of attack for all the things that have to be done in the next few days (Action Lists!) in order to assure a smooth “next month” that starts tomorrow. Yikes!  And the other driver’s insurance company is going to pick up our repairs.  And I crossed off several items on my “find the paperwork” and “schedule stuff” lists.  Feels good to be moving forward and getting a few things done!
Somehow, during the course of the day, today, I decided to do Nablopomo again in December.  I’m such a freaking masochist!  But I’m going to have my I’m Done Nesting blog be the participating blog in December.  The theme for the month is “Gift” and you can read about the theme or find out how to participate on BlogHer, hint:  you can sign up through the 5th.

I'll be posting every day in December on my I'm Done Nesting Blog

Okay, now I will respond to today’s prompt.   What did I learn from doing Nablopomo this month?  Well, first I was really hoping to win one of the prizes, but I guess that is a no go.  * Sad Face*   I learned that having something to focus on, such as a blog post done at the end of the day, actually can reduce stress.  Next month I plan to learn that posting everyday can be fun and need not mean writing a research article every day.  My brilliant and beautiful daughter will graduate from college this month, and my wonderful and witty step-daughter and her family (hubby and twin one year old daughters) will be here for much of the month, friends from a nearby state will pop in for a few days… and, well, basically there should be plenty of opportunity for photo-blogging, cute baby story posting, and for recipe evaluation.  With any luck at all it will not be as difficult to post every day on a personal blog as on my business blog that has a professional nature and for which I have more stringent standards.

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