Militarization, Exploitation and Abuse

Even the military would not start out in riot gear and spray toxic chemicals on peaceful protestors as a first response to students occupying part of their campus.
We are doing just this.  Will we tolerate it?
What about the use of hugely expensive equipment created for dropping bombs, predator drones, on the U.S.-Mexican Border as is now being done?
We’ve been allowing members of our national legislature to engage in insider trading?  Why?
At least one fifth of our children are sexually abused before they reach adulthood. (It is estimated that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will have experienced an episode of sexual abuse while younger than 18 years.) Institutions within religious education and athletic mentoring are often involved either in the actual abuse or turn away from or cover-up abuse by adults within their organizations.
How can we allow these things to go on?
Untreated mental illness in our nation where treatment is very expensive, is a factor in the man captured this past week who shot at the First Family’s living quarters area in the white house, as well as in this year’s Tucson shooting of which we were all reminded when we saw Gabby Giffords on 20/20 this past Monday.
I’m very sad and wondering what I should do.  I feel like writing about these things is important, but is it enough?  For me and for right now I have to say, “Yes.”

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