Land O Goshen….

I’m sitting under a tree on a green space just off SR 15 in No. Indiana… at Goshen College. I’m hoping it is a campus wireless that I hooked into. Oh well…. I’m on anyway. Imagine my surprise at finding a wireless connection at a Mennonite College… just a hop, skip and a jump from Amish Acres Tourist Trap as well as the thriving metropolis of Elkhart– I decided I’d just do some clutter clean up on my laptop while I ate lunch and waited until the appointed time to pick up my mother from her friends house. My mom is almost 90, doesn’t drive, and keeps my brothers hoppin’ with her needs for groceries and routine errands as they live near her. Me being 1500 miles away makes me think I need to make sure she gets to do other stuff when I’m here and can haul her around. So today I dropped her off at the appartment of a friend she went to High School with in Etna in the 1920s. There are very few people she knew well back then who are still alive. I was glad she could still make the trip. The aging parents thing is a different sort of process than I ever really anticipated. I think it is because I didn’t think a parent would still be living at age 90. Modern health practices have changed all our lives profoundly. Of course our “refusal to accept aging” that we are so often accused of is a product of this change as well. No one is yelling at the “Greatest Generation” for living so long!

Ah well… back to work.

Whatever network I’m on has the following info (for you techies)

2004-06-07 14:04:11 EST: 278 / 1100

Your download speed : 285456 bps, or 278 kbps.

A 34.8 KB/sec transfer rate.

Your upload speed is much faster than down.. have you tweaked?

Your upload speed : 1127404 bps, or 1100 kbps.

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