It's All Relative – A Whirlwind Trip Through The Midwest

Just arrived home last evening, so perhaps it is an odd time to start a month of blogging about travel, but that is what I am doing.  I have a buzillion blog posts started, notes on things that need something written down about them, and well over a dozen voice notes of various lengths on my phone – that are  travel and driving observations.  I did not always have time on the road to put together a coherent post.  And sometimes I was too tired at the end of the day to put a coherent sentence together.

This month the writing theme over at BlogHer’s Nablopomo is “Relative” so I added myself and this blog as a Travel Blog.  Traveling through time and space has always been my thing.  I wonder if my rather wry sense of humor comes through?  Oh well.

Anyway… relative is a good topic for me for this month as this whirlwind tour through the Midwestern U.S. that took about 2 weeks was a relative experience in oh so many ways.  The baseline reason for the trip was moving my daughter to Minneapolis.  She is most certainly a relative.  Family is a relative term.  I visited a few friends with whom I feel a bond that is just as close as family and closer, for me, than with many family members. I visited my brothers.  They are most certainly my relatives.  And all the experiences of the last weeks have shown me once again that most certainly everything is relative.

It is going to be an interesting month for me to see how I make sense of all the things I thought and did while making my way from Tucson, AZ to Minneapolis, MN, and back to Tucson with a quick loop through Chicago and Northern and Eastern Indiana.  That is the backdrop for this month’s posts.

I hope you can join me this month as I document what was for me a very significant trip.

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