I'm ba-aack — without guilt.

Yep, I took a long vacation and relaxed for several weeks. Shame on me, right? How could a progressive blogger take a vacation before a critical election? Well, I am in this for the long haul and I am living a relatively new approach to U.S. politics but a millenia old approach to life. I call it the sane woman’s approach to life. I do it all– but unlike the male-mimicking old order 70s superwoman clad in a gray flannel suit, when I begin to stress out and am unable to live with joy and creative energy, I step back to doing only personal life essential tasks.

That beleif, that we have to bring about whole life work life integration and do what preserves our sanity, is what got our species through several extinction level events — and that is what we have to do to get us through this BRC (bush rumsfeld cheney) extinction level event. I’m not joking. This is about species survival and approaches to life itself. We have to do what keeps us alive. For me I cannot live without creative joy. That is what drew me to CODEPINK in February of 2003 and what has made me step back from it a bit too. I live from my heart and go to where my spirit tells me to go. I live by women’s rules.

I will be talking about what i did during this this vacation, eventually. It is too long and divergent a topic for right now. For right now just let me say…

Jeff Latas is still the best AZ CD 8 Democratic Candidate. I stilll think Gabbie Giffords is a Republican in Democratic clothing who left the Republican Party only because of her support for the pro-woman’s right to control her own body. There are Pro-choice Republicans. Why didn’t she stick with her life-long political affiliation and fight for truth and justice within her network. She jumped ship and went with what she thought was the easy route to power. If she had been all about representing beliefs she would have fought for women’s rights within the Republican Party. What turn will she take next?

Pima County Supervisors are corporatist pigs — they will not stop the destruction one of the most beautiful natural spots left in the world — the Santa Ritas — by letting a Canadian Company strip mine the Santa Ritas that is one of the premier birding spots in the world that still is part of a complex functioning ecosystem.

Oh… oh the places we’ll go. (That is a paraphrase of one of my favorite authors.”

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