Home Sweet Home After Travels

I arrived home yesterday in the late afternoon. I was on the road for 26 days. Do I even have to say that I am tired and so very, very happy to be home? No, I didn’t think that I did.
I have many, many posts floating about in my head. Some are nearly fully formed and I will just have to open the gates and let the words flow. Others are more amorphous, almost like new recipes with the ingredients defined but the proportions between them as yet to be fully determined through tasting, and simmering or baking.
I will definitely create a post later today on how to create a following which will probably focus on how following is  different from simply having lots of followers.   I also have developed a bit of a passion for the need for a light rail system here in the U.S., and more than one post will draw from my Amtrak and rental car experiences during this past month.  Travel and destination blogging have resurfaced as an interest for me, but only as a category within this blog.
The concept of home has also been in my thoughts a great deal during this trip, as has friendship.   Identity, and career were also important but nearly dwarfed by the more personal experiences from July/Aug 2012.  More will follow on all of these topics.    And of course I will also have at least one BlogHer ’12 retrospective post.
Home feels very good.  If only my husband wouldn’t have decided to start the redecorating process when he arrived home before I did… bless his heart.  There is no place like home, even without a couch…

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