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Sometimes I discover I’m floating along in the Zeitgesit Sea.  This half hour interview  on peakmoment.tv with Shay Salomon author of Little House On A Small Planet, with a website of the same name, reminded me that we are rarely alone in our perceptions of the world.  While we who live in this disconnected world may not know many, or sadly, any, other people with whom we share a basic similar understanding of the world, this does not mean we are alone in our heartfelt beliefs and worldview or zeitgeist.  I fell in love with this concept of “Little House on a Small Planet” as this is what Casita Gaia symbolized for me when I created the first iteration of what was then a company in a virtual world.  We all make homes for ourselves.  We all live on a small living planet.  Our homes are part of the living planet.  We all live in and on Casita Gaia.  For me Casita Gaia is also a manifestation of what I call my inner Goddess which is the aware essence of self that is my spirit, that is the woman who is either mother or child, a relationship is the essential one of every other person who ever lived on this earth.
So it with the marvel of awareness of kindred spirits that I share this interview with Shay Soloman with you.

Sharing resources, including space, is sustainable.  And Shay coins a very useable term, Yoga Moms, a term that could, and perhaps should replace Soccer Moms in our vernacular.
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