Friday Finds #1

Dog Days of August are over and I’m back at it, whatever it is.

Posterous use is up and running.  Signed up ages ago, but did not make use of it.  Now I will try to use it wisely.

Apple Apps added this week: Opus Domini Why?  Because an iPad 2 version is forthcoming.  It looks like a planner and I like that.  It incorporates goals, tasks, notes, appointments and everything I like to use and nothing I don’t.

iPad Apps added this week: foursquare.  Still need to get it functioning on my Blackberry Torch!

Also signed up (actually reactivated) at  Quora a question and answer site.

Set up accounts at ifttt and at GetGlue.  ifttt seems like it may be seriously useful.  GetGlue not so much, although for businesses in the entertainment industry it looks like a good thing.

Now if I can just get all my blogs updated and then set up feeds from them to my business blog.

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