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If you haven’t visited my Pinterest Account, I will forgive you for slacking up to this point, but you really do need to go and check out my #ff board on Pinterest.

Day for the F Word
“No Silly, the word isn’t THAT word, or even the word “feminist.” It is for #FF

This week I added three follow friend per the Twitter hashtag tradition: @Heckerty, a 409 year old witch, and a woman who has actually made money as a writer in print and successfully transitioned to online work @loisaltermark, and a new video network @whoanetwork that is filling a huge niche that people are only beginning to discover – women honoring our age.
But can anything related to Twitter or Pinterest be described as a tradition?  Yes, at today’s pace of information and the rate at which society operates, yes, I think social media traditions do exist.
No this isn’t flighty or weird or anything…  I am just attempting to inter-link my social media and writing worlds with the things that keep me sane, relationships, friendships, and networking with women of my age and women of my own ilk.  And that is hard.  Whine, bitch, moan.  I have a hard enough time just keeping track of me!

sites over old fashioned background

And, “Yes, I do make most of my own graphics, or at least tweak public domain ones.

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