First you take out their communications.

Killing Non-Corporate Controlled Communications

Telecom law needs to be monitored closely.  Changes to such law is a quick way for a fascistic state to disable the ability of all alternative perspective to communicate their ideas.  Anyone remember Michael Powell and his attempt to allow consolidation of media ownership?  Well corporate media didn’t get their way in that one, but these powerful “communication” multinationals want to disable, dismember and generally eliminate any channels that might carry information that hasn’t been approved of by the corporate state. 

Well, they are at it again. 

Read the details in Legislation in Washington Attacks Public Access TV

The pr spin to the basic revisions to the 1996 Telecom Act  that would be made by the Big Brother Telecommunications Bill  introduced by Ensign and McCain  can be found in the National Journal reprint of the Technology Daily article of October 18th. 

The powers that be, including the slippery John McCain (also known as the Manchurian Candidate,) are peeved at the protest community stirring up consistent trouble that has burgeoned with (finally) some media attention to things rotten in the state of denial that is our government these days.  So they haven’t been successful at destroying the movement, but they aren’t giving up… they are hitting our communication networks next. 

I don’t make this stuff up.  Ensign and Powell probably cooked this stuff up about when they met a year ago according to a press release I found on Ensign’s website that included the following:

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Las Vegas, NV – United States Senator John Ensign will join Federal Communications Commission (FCC) head Michael Powell for a Telecommunications and Internet Summit in Las Vegas. Hosted by the Technology Business Alliance of Nevada, the Summit will provide a dialogue with members of Nevada’s largest high-tech trade association, local broadcasters, and other interested groups.

At this time they were trying to kill Access Tucson. and presumably other such media stations per the precedent this would set, through legislation at the State level.  The attempt to slip it through quietly at the  state level here in Arizona failed when there was massive, loud and clear public outrage and protest.  They then tried other tactics that failed, but now they are attacking alternative media at the federal level in ways they hope no one (of importance) will notice.  They are going to kill community television if they have their way. 

Wouldn’t want people to have access to views other than those approved by the State, would you.  Just ask Winston Smith.  Chilling!

Scattered information about this has been around for months, but in a very here and there not easily accessible form. Reno News and Review  covered the story in August.  There is the Indymedia story mentioned above.  You can also get more information from Alliance for Community Media, the Free Press covers this issue as well as state-by-state coverage of pending anti-access legislation. More resources can be found at access TV centers such as Chicago (CAN-TV) , New York (MNN) , and Portland (PCM TV).  [Aside:  while paddling around the Tidal Basin with CODEPINK — a wonderful woman with a show on Access TV filmed me doing one of those…. “Hi, I’m so and so and you are watching such and such.” station announcements.  What a hoot!  I wonder if it ever aired.  It won’t if these corporate buggers have their way. 

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