E for "Enjoy Cleaning," Really?

I have enjoyed cleaning cleaning in the past but it isn't something of which I am proud. I joined cleaners anonymous. That was a joke, Son.

My attitude about cleaning is exactly like Mr. Natural, R. Crumb's Comix book hero:

I find cleaning difficult to impossible to start, then mere drudgery as I begin, and then it transforms into a Zen experience which makes me happy, and then it becomes transcendental. Mr. Natural was originally published without copyright by R. Crumb for those of you wondering about such things. He was Creative Commons and open source before there was Creative Commons and open source.
For those of you wondering… I am posting this as part of Nablopomo April 2013, and I'm also doing the A to Z Blogging Challenge and today is E Day and I'm using the prompt that is something akin to, “What do you most enjoy about cleaning?”



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