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In May they told me that I had diabetes because my blood tests showed a 7.5 on a scale that measures long term “sugar.”  I haven’t wanted to dive into figuring out all the jargon though I should.  I’m not measuring short term “sugar.”  I am convinced that by next year I will be in a totally normal range, not taking Metformin, and eating normally in a veggie, whole foods sort of way.  You see yesterday I went to the Doctor.  This time my M.D. was the cutest, youngest looking physician I have seen to date.  She looked to be the same age as my daughter who is 21.  Argh.  They all look like babies!

Anyway she shared some good news with me.  On top of losing 10 lbs.,  I have also brought whatever it is that was 7.5 down to 6.8.  My other short term blood-sugar score was 108 which is apparently good.  By the next medical visit in 3 to 4 months I plan to be in good enough shape to have them let me officially go off the oral medication and control everything through diet and exercise.  The glycemic index seems to be the central good thing I’ve found out about. 

Now that I’m sleeping well and awakening rested after having my septum fixed, I plan to reintroduce the gym to my life.  I will beat this crap.  I will be GREAT again. 

If I’d have had the surgery a couple years ago and began breathing and sleeping better before these problems fully presented themselves, I am convinced I wouldn’t have gained weight so readily and then developed the non-alcoholic fatty liver and diabetes. 

Anyway, things are moving in the right direction.  I’ve also found something called Perfect Diet Tracker that seems to be a great food monitoring program that calculates everything for you, is well rated, contains information for almost 90,000 foods, and is easy to use.  While it isn’t for diabetes monitoring as such, it does help see sugars and carbohydrates, fats, proteins, calories, percentages, and totals. 

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