Destination Truth and "Rock" Apes

I hope to see my brother in a week or so when I pass through Indiana.  I have two brothers who are still alive and living in Northeastern Indiana, and I actually want to see them both. But I digress, as I am want to do. I really want to talk to my brother who was in Vietnam about something.
This week on Destination Truth (Yes, I relax by watching “trash TV,” wanna make something of it?) the “Truth” that they investigated was the Yeti that many, many, many people have sworn to have seen in the dense forests of Vietnam that abut and continue on into Laos. I remember my brother talking about “Rock” apes that threw rocks at the soldiers at night when he was in a Marine Vietnam in 1968. On the show this week, a rock being thrown at the TV crew was the first sign that the Vietnamese Yeti was paralleling them in the jungle.
There were some pretty good infrared images of the creature and they also got some good casts of continuous, sequential tracks, or foot prints, of what seems to have been a bipedal animal that is much bigger than a human.
I want to hear his story again. While I remember some of it, I’m sure I have forgotten bits and pieces if it. Too many times in the past I have thought I would have more occasions to hear the favorite stories my Dad or a brother, and those occasions were not to be. I don’t want to let any more opportunities pass by.
I won’t press the issue if he doesn’t want to talk about back then, but he’s always been pretty open about his experiences over there, and I bet he’ll be willing to pontificate about a non-battle memory that he previously enjoyed telling.
I want my six degrees of separation to include Yetis or Bigfoot.

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