Day Late and a Dollar Short

My timing sucks!  I came down with the flu, aches, chills, cough, the whole enchilada, right at the time the political and news editor of BlogHer suggests that I write a counterpoint to a member post on the site in a comment to that post.
Thank heavens Mona Gable wrote a counterpoint piece.
I only got back to my full service, regular old, full-sized, desktop computer  today.  Size matters.  Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t.   I missed Julie Ross Godar‘s comment until this morning. (I’d like to link to the comment itself, but I don’t know how 🙁 and I’ve already linked to the post that made my blood pressure jump.)
It wasn’t that I could ‘t sit upright at my desk until today, for fear of dying or anything;  I could have worked there the last couple of days if it hadn’t been for the #&@! litter box.  I didn’t even want to walk down the hall toward my office and the attached bathroom that houses the litter boxes. Cleaning the cat box every single day is essential  in a multiple cat house.  More often than that is recommended.  I hadn’t cleaned it for days.  I was trying desperately not to breath and not to vomit while I cleaned it this morning.  It was horrible.
Some domain transfers also got totally screwed up during this past week’s unwanted down time.
The last couple of weeks have not been good.  I swear I must have jinxed the month somehow.  Actually I don’t believe in jinxing.  Karma, maybe.  We picked up Mr. Worf’s ashes yesterday; actually Hubby picked them up.  They are on the mantle.
There are calls and text messages to which I still haven’t responded.
Horrific pet death and missed opportunities…   Oh well, “life is hard, and then you die.” I attribute this quote to Johnny Winter.
So what did I do in response to all this?  I signed up for the June Jump for Nablopomo on BlogHer.  I’m such a frigging masochist!  It will at least get me back on track. I would much rather commit to blogging  5x a week, but that isn’t what NaBloPoMo is and I need the structure of the report-back, and the positive reinforcement of seeing my stats increase in meaningful ways, to right the jumble that is currently my daily life.
Some of the things I might write about in June:

  • Rhetorical Tactics of the Right (and how they are used in broadcast media, print media, social networking, and yes, even on wonderful sites like BlogHer)
  • Why the Original Gen Xers, the Late Boomers, Could Change Everything This November
  • Framing Political Differences in Meaningful, non-hateful, ways
  • The Last Time the Fascists Planned a Coup d’ Etat
  • Disenfranchisement is Unconstitutional
  • Voter Registration: Where Are Unregistered Women? We need to be where they are.
  • Less than Monkey-wrenching but More than Passive-resistence
  • Book review of Beautiful Trouble
  • Writing Desk (program), Logitech Accessories, and My iPad
  • Build your own Vector Graphics with inexpensive drawing/illustration programs
  • The #&@! litter box
  • More on BlogHer ’12
  • The origin of the phrase “the whole enchilada”

I desperately need structure to be successful.  I have two months to both beef up and hone my business and it’s presentation before BlogHer 12 in NYC.
This “little” conference is one of the ways I gauge the passage of time and the mileposts that mark its way.  It provided the first respite for me in the weeks immediately after her funeral.  I tried to attend the previous year,  but if I had gone to it, I would have ended up divorced.  No drama in my life.  Nope.  Not ever.  Sigh…
I attended my first BlogHer Conference in Chicago in 2007, very, very shortly after my mother passed away.  It provided the first respite for me in the weeks immediately after her funeral.
The other significant dates for me are the Summer and Winter Solstices. Dates of maximum light and darkness within our yearly cycle seem like very reliable markers for assessing where I am and what needs to be adjusted to get where I want to go.  I’m not a “pagan,” nor do I worship Gaia.  I do, however, feel Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis has more supporting evidence than not, but it is not religion for me.  But I digress… I want to be back on track by June 20-22nd.  I’m not even sure when the actual moment of the solstitial alignment occurs.  (It is: June 20 2012 at 11.08pm (23:08) UTC.)
Note: I actually wrote most of this late last night but didn’t polish it, add links, and create a featured image until today.

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