Coupe d'etats, euthanizing corporations and reclaiming our voting rights.

Okay, it is time to have an absolute blogging onslaught per war, peace, war criminals and how these topics along with vote count integrity roll up into a ball of decit that is the single most important issue of our lifetime. Then we must follow it up in the streets in calm peaceful but decidedly outraged action until our upper level war criminals are in prison and the rationally planned deconstruction of the framework they have built up in our society has begun. We have to reclaim the American Dream and the things that made us great once upon a time: justice, equality, peace. Corporate crime relates to all this but the conviction of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling is just a tiny chink in the armor of a vicious transnational global oligarchy whose practices effectively make slaves of all but the miniscule few who control this system.

Here are some links to help you understand my belief that we have to address the criminal theft of our government by sick, evil men who waged a horrific, totally false war waged by our children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and parents on the back of the Iraqi people. Then we need to get to work on euthanizing corporations by getting rid of the rights that corporations have foolishly been given since the noble conception of our country as a place of liberty of people.

First I recommend reading the Rolling Stone article about the criminal manipulation of our votes in order to steal the 2004 election. (Not to mention the 2000 election that was also criminally manipulated to create a Bush II administration in the first place.)

Then go see Sir No Sir if at all possible! Then figure out how to get this movie to the Guard Troops and all those soldiers conscripted via the “Stop Loss” program and the troops who are on their THIRD TOUR in Iraq. Didn’t we learn anything from Vietnam? Those soldiers who signed up for a third tour of duty were commonly thought to be damaged goods, slightly crazed, and certainly best stationed in battle where their desire to kill could be channeled. This is why we are having all these attrocities in Iraq now. Men and women can only live under the constant pressure of urban warfare for a short time before the learned cultural behavior we call humanity is so eroded that we begin to operate as killer apes rather than civilized men and women.

Finally go to the Abolish Corporate Personhood section of the WILPF site and begin to teach yourself about the slow erosion of our Constitutional Rights by the creation of corporations that are have been given all the rights and none of the responsibilities of real person. Flesh and blood, mortal people cannot compete against immortal disembodied people.

Oh, one more thing. Do not fall victim to their attempts to divide us into factions. That is all the hoopla about immigration and securing our borders is about. It is an attempt to create hatred and suspicion of all brown skinned persons by one-time middle class folks who have seen their standards of living slip on an economic incline that has been greased by corporate greed. If this administration was concerned about border integrity they would not have facilitated the evacuation bin Laden’s family and other Saudi citizens across our borders when all other flights were grounded on 9/11/2001.

Then you can begin to remedy the illicit takeover of our government and the criminal trail of tears that can be found behind the villainous leaders who masquerade as our governmental administration.

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