Cindy Sheehan for Person of the Year

There is a write in campaign to nominate Cindy Sheehan for Time’s Person of the Year.

I certainly understand why she should be nominated. She engaged a nation in a discourse that desperately needed to be held. Whenever a nation creates an icon from a simple human being and does so almost overnight, you know that extremely powerful and significant issue has been tapped. Cindy represents the loss the US feels. The loss can be defined as any single one of the following or a combination of them: the death of thousands of our warrior children, the loss of respect in much of the world, the loss of our faith in essentially honest and well-intentioned government.

As mother, as female perspective on the senseless nature of war, as outraged citizen she awakened a nation to the hurt they felt. Without the emotional shake-up her camping out in Crawford provided, would the reaction to Katrina or the indictment of White House Staff have been felt in the same way? She primed us for outrage and grief over an America that has been stolen from us.

I hear Cindy is spending Turkey Day with the consummate Turkey in Crawford, Tx. That’s right, Cindy is heading back to Crawford for Thanksgiving.

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